Models for 3D Printing

This page exists as an place to gather and describe sites that offer 3d models.
(still hosts thingiverse files)

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Interesting Models

3D Printed Coin by TCorgard as thing:64261 on ThingiVerse

PiZero Vertical Screwless Camera Housings by gowen as thing:1709013 on ThingiVerse

One Piece Raspberry Pi Zero + Camera Case (with GPIO) by Superrei as thing:1595429 on ThingiVerse

Tevo Tarantula Rail Mount Wire Clips - 3 Sizes - Small, Medium, Large by emanuelbucsa as thing:1935014 on ThingiVerse

Altoid Kit for Trinus by rsgeek as thing:2147006 on ThingiVerse

Spool Side Bowden Mount for FT-5 or other 2020 by jterranella as thing:1671543 on ThingiVerse

Folgertech FT-5 Simple Solid Z Endstop by csorrows as thing:2070617 on ThingiVerse

Nut driver handle by wkarraker as thing:461492 on ThingiVerse

Minimal Raspberry Pi Zero Case/Holder by Pyromaniac as thing:2221310 on ThingiVerse

A Support for iPhone Cable by SCaruthers as thing:139436 on Thingiverse

Lightning-Aux holder by Maker1893 as thing:1936797 on Thingiverse

Raspberry Pi Sleeve Case Mount by videohead118 as thing:1953846 on Thingiverse