PowerSpec Ultra 3D Printer

This page exists to collect resources on the PowerSpec Ultra 3D Printer.

The PowerSpec Ultra 3D Printer (Model: PS3D-ULTRA) is a clone of the FlashForge Dreamer.

It uses the proprietary FlashForge board system. This consists of:

  • FlashForge DriverBoard
    • Stepper Driver Host
    • Endstop Connections
    • Heater MOSFETs & Connections
  • FlashForge CoreBoard
    • Wifi (USR-C322)
    • External SD Card Reader
    • USB-B
    • Internal Micro SD Card
    • ARM Cortex M4
    • Thermal Probe Connections
  • An Touch Screen LCD board (3.5' TFT V5.3)

The Stepper Driver boards are StepDrv v2.1 which use Allegro's A4988 DMOS Microstepping Driver.

The MOSFETs on the DriverBoard are:

Upgrade Models: